Today I ate bacon


And lettuce. And tomatos. Or tried, but unforeseen event involving an umbrella, some toilet paper and a dog changed all that, but I wont go into that. All I really wanted to say is that I made it to and from London. By train.

I’m sorry I left you like that, but I overheard your conversation. But you knew I have to go. If you are wondering, I keep my hiking gear at the back of my closet, in my room, including my boots. I ditched the house before midnight and walked down the railroad most of the night.

Yes, my loyal followers (especially you, Ashley). I promised I’d make blog for myself and I’m positine that you’ll google it in no time. It’s not like the web is crowded with misocynist Fluffies.

So, an update. I’m writing this in Dieppe. I ate at a charming place called  biking seagull with Charlotte and Charlene, twins from Leeds, who are writing a road novel for something called NaNoWriMo, and their stories intermingle. I need to check that out.  Somehow they decided to add a fugitive on the run to the story. They are staying over at theirs friends and invited me to join. Good, because I didn’t sleep too much in the train and I wasn’t really looking for a night in tent, not at this time of the year.

I’ll have to keep moving. I dear not to think what Renie told me, but I don’t know how much I have time. Could be months. Could be hours. But I DO not want to go down again. And Berlin is still far and away.

Good night, my friends. Don’t try to follow me. I’ll drop you a line from Rouen. Or Paris at latest.

Yours truly,




3 thoughts on “Today I ate bacon

  1. Hey Fluffy, my name is Rosy (well, not really). I see you’re looking for your aunt (or whatever she is to you). I want to say, I’m her biggest fan and I need to find her ASAP too! I am a chain smoker, and as you know, she use to be to. I need her advice on how to quit! I see you’re already searching for her.. lets do this together, what do you think? If you’re in, I think we should try FB first (or have you already find her in Berlin?). Stay in touch, got to go, before my crazy writter comes back from her yogga class..

  2. Hi Rosy!

    I see you are a fugitive of a kind yourself. So am I, but for some reason my friends (they really are my friends) think I’m a bit “upset” or “not quite myself”, but if I’m not myself, then who am I? I need to find aunt Rosie, to answer this question.

    So, you are a character from a book. I’d like to know what kind of book. I understand your situation, that you can’t really tell all the details, lest your author finds out., but perhaps you could at least tell the genre? Or something. I’m curious whether I’m corresponding with a side character from a romantic comedy or a spy book villain… If you could drop some hints on your blog?

    I dear to assume that the book has been written or translated in English, but should it be the case that the setting is somewhere else, I intend to take a train the Alps later today. Until then… I still have a novel to write. I’d be happy to bring you some chains to smoke.


    • Hey Fluffy, huh, so nice to meet someone with similar problems.. I think we can definitely find Mrs. Renie together – in fact, I found someone on Facebook that met her, I think not so long ago (but he’s not very cooperative and it’s making me crazy). So add me on FB if you have it.

      As of my novel is concerned, not only that I’m affraid to talk about it, but I truly hate to talk about it too. But OK, I will summen it up for you (but don’t tell anyone, please!). I think it’s supposed to be some kind of psychological drama or something. It goes on in a small room, in which I closed myself to rethink my goals and values, cuz I don’t fit in this capitalist model of society or something (I think I’m depressive too, ‘cuz she’s giving me some pills all the time). So I am the main character, but not very heroic… And can you imagine, its not even in English!!! Its in some godforgotten language – Slovenian!!

      So that’s it for now, stay in touch, power lies in team work!
      Best wishes,

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