Fluffy the vampire slayer


Ok, I have read your emails. (And Ashley, I can hear your cries of worry all the way here). The place Charly-sisters invited me to was a kind of writer’s camp. Some two dozen people crammed in a house for the weekend, trying to finish a 50 000 word novel during the November. Simply put those are the rules for NaNoWriMo. Apart from cramming to a house that is. Charlys continued their trip today heading for other NaNoers. I got a lift to Amiens and will go on from here.

The daily routine was quite simple. Wake up in the morning and review your text. Over a croissant and coffee plan for the text you are going to write today. Write. At lunchtime discuss about your text. Write. Over the dinner share your text with others and laugh. Write. Sleep. Dream about your story. Write.

The atmosphere was contagious, so I decided to give it a shot myself. I’m somewhere around 20 000 words by now, but I have yet to figure out a plot. Everything just seems to flow together with the characters. Some of the folks here are attending a storyMOOC at iversity, and they kept telling that I should have something called an archplot and something called hook-hold-payoff -structure. I might add one later.

So far my heroine, Lori, wakes up and find’s she’s been abducted by aliens.  She has no recollection how she ended up there. As she sneaks out, she learns that their spaceship is parked under the Trafalgar Square. I got the idea as I was passing by yesterday. On the way out Lori learns the aliens eat souls by drinking the blood of their victims. To rule the the world they focus on trades like business and engineering. She tries to tell the police, but everyone just thinks she’s crazy. Finally she meets up with her boyfriend Brian, who has freaked out because of her going missing, and he believes her story. (Now there’s a lesson for you, Ashley!) The boyfriend works as a HR manager in a prominent consulting company, but decides to drop their co-operation project with the Red Cross and instead save the world with Lori.  Together they sneak in through the Charing Cross station, but are detected and have to flee through the London underground, and almost get out, when Brian – who turns out to be an alien – betrays Lori and she is detained in a secret medical laboratory. There they try to convince Lori that she herself is actually an alien princess, who, in short of her blood dosage, had forgotten her true identity. Of course she resists such an absurd claim, but once she is finally forced to take blood… perhaps by IV?, her entire view of the world changes and… We’ll, I’ll have to figure that out.

A strange coincidence: the storyMOOC is organized by the Potsdam University. Aunt Renie, would you happen to know anything about that?




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