Fooled you!


Of course I didn’t go to Amiens, so no point calling the local police. That’s no place to get to Berlin. Why would you think I’d let you catch me. For the record. I’m writing this by the place du 11me Novembre in Paris. My French is going fine, thought I have to admit that without Calva it’s not as easy.

So to the point. You must be dying to find out what happened to Lori, our strange alien princess trying to save the world from her kind. Well, the story goes on. 30 000  words in.

Once the antipsychotics kick in (what Lori thought was the blood containing the soul of some poor innocent IT-engineer, thanks for the idea, Ashley) the Alien medical lab she was detained in transforms into a psychiatric ward. She’s still detained, though and they that she’s just started to recover from an acute psychosis, and might still have difficulty of figuring out what exactly was true. Of course Lori knows that’s just the aliens plot to make her think that they are just a product of her imagination, and she’s not eager to drink any more blood either, now disguised as antipsychotic medication. Yet their story seems to be consistent. Brian even confesses that the episode was triggered when he had raped Lori. When even her foster father Matthew visits her and shows compassion, she starts to yield to reality. When the doctors are finally discussing about releasing our heroine from the facility, her real father Ian, whom Lori hadn’t seen since she was 10 shows up, kidnaps her from the ward and takes her medication away. Ian reminds that Matthew is Brian’s boss, and explains that the blood they are collecting allegedly to Red Cross from the employees of the IT and accounting consulting company actually goes to their own use. As the effect on antipsychotics – or blood, as Lori again understands – wears off. At that point she realizes that if she really is an alien princess, then her father… Ok, I’m stuck here. Any ideas?

Perhaps I should enroll on the storyMOOC myself. My own life would make quite a story as well. Just that… I need to find aunt Renie first.




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