I wonder if I should sleep?


I mean of course I do sleep. Since I left home last week I have slept every every night, at least two hours, often more than four. That’s a bit less than what I’m used to, but I don’t seem to get tired easily. Besides, I’ve had too much fun writing the novel. So don’t worry about me. (Especially you, Ashley.)

I started hitchhiking. Everything seems to be going fine, so I might just as well take a short detour on my way to aunt Renie in Berlin. Perhaps via Rome or Ljubliana, maybe even Moskow, they are all in that general direction. It all depends how I get lifts. It’s November after all.

Oh, I got a message from my boss. He told that since no information had been leaked out and no damage done, the client, whose system I cracker, was happy not to press any charges, but a would start to an immediate work for some major security update. I wont mention the name of the company, but their users will notice a clear change once they are done. The hole is big enough for an elephant, if you know where to look. Ian also mentioned that I still get to keep my job, and as far as they are concerned, I’m on an vacation due to “personal reasons”, akin to sick-leave.


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