About Fluffy


You can call me Fluffy, and I’m a dog. Well not really. In fact, I hate dogs. I’m short, skinny and my hair is cropped. For the moment. But as you may know already, I have a mission, a way to go, I MUST to get to Berlin to aunt Renie. I need to talk to her. She warned me that this thing runs in our family, and I really know who else I could trust. Why the heck am I telling this to you? Are you aunt Renie? Renie?

Ok, I MUST calm down. These last few days have been quite hectic. I can’t focus. It’s hard to even remember all that have happened. At least the police isn’t chasing me. I hope. But just in case I’ll avoid any airlines. An opportunity to brush up my French, I studied it a couple years, back in school.

Oh yeah, I was to tell about myself. (Yes, Ashley, I always talk about myself, but this is where I’m supposed to do so.) So, you can call me Fluffy. That’s what everyone does. It’s a sort of inside joke, back from the time we saw the Philosophers Stone. Ron said (No, Ashley, it was Ron, not you. You were sick that day and couldn’t come): “They should have named the beast Pat.” Ever since the name stuck. Of course back home they didn’t call me that way, but in Scotland… Ok, I may have had little weight when I was a teen. So that’s why I’m Fluffy. And why I hate dogs, btw. Especially those with three heads.

I’m professional bugger. Not people of course, but software. And I’m not putting the bugs there, nor taking them off (that’s what the antibuggers do) just finding them. For me any software is faulty software. Or I was, until… well until This happened. And that last assignment, I may have gone just a tad too far with.

So this is my travel log, just so that you know I’m fine. (Yes Ashley, I promised to post whenever I can.) Of course it’s completely unnecessary, as everything is fine. It’s just that… well, I admit, that I do feel a bit funny right now. That’s why I have to find my aunt. Or I think she’s my aunt. Now that I think about it…

I’m not making any sense here. Aunt Renie, if by any chance in a million you read this, drop me a line.


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